Mike and Charmaine Anderson

Mike and Charmaine Anderson

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Our days are numbered with our JAS group.  Most of them will be leaving soon and so will we.
Our new JAS convert moved to Venezuela.  We just had one of the girls get married in the temple, which is wonderful.  One of the guys has his mission papers in and one of the girls will be going to the language school in Provo this fall, and one moved today to La Laguna to be closer to the university.  That leaves us with one active JAS and she goes to school in La Laguna also and that is exactly where we will be moving.  We hope she will be able to join our new group.  There is a JAS group there without senior missionaries.  The mission President wants us to move and work with them.  We were able to get out of our apartment lease and have rented another one there.  It is an hour away and we go there once a week for District meeting now.   We actually hope to come back to Los Cristianos once a month to continue with our group until they all leave. 

This week we met to swim in our pool, eat, write letters to the two missionaries from our branch and meet the new sister missionaries assigned to our branch who arrived this week.  We will be sad to leave them as there are no sisters where we are going.

Mike and I haven't had much time to enjoy the pool but we are glad that the JAS can.
These are our new sisters, Hermana Nydegger, fresh from the Madrid MTC and sister Phillips, who has been out for  a year and speaks exquisite Spanish.  We have looked so forward to their arrival.  We found their apartment and now we will be leaving them, so sad.

This is our Jas group and the RS counselor writing a letter to the 2 Los Cristianos missionaries.
Elder Malan and Elder McKeighan taking a break on the back patio.  It looks like Elder Malan is working in his break.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Angeles was a member referral.  She was golden from day one as she was looking for a church.  She had been suffering from some anxiety issues and felt that God could and would help her if she could find him and she was right.  Last night she was baptized.  She bore a long testimony in the baptismal service about her search.  She said she knew from the first day that the Elders began to teach her that the gospel was a beautiful thing and she wanted to be part of it.  She cried a lot in church today after her confirmation.  We could all feel her spirit.  Elder Cloward baptized her and will be leaving tomorrow for Madrid to be a zone leader.  We will miss him greatly.  He has been a wonderful support to our JAS and loved by all.

One thing for sure, don't get too comfortable with anyone or anyplace because changes are coming, including for us.  We will be losing all of our JAS young adults soon. Marriage, missions and moves will leave us without a group soon.  There is a JAS group in Santa Cruz without a missionary couple.  Santa Cruz is the big city an hour away.  We would like to stay in our little rural haven here but it isn't to be.  Mike is doing his "nose in the internet" thing, looking for a piso.  It will be an adventure.  Our mission will be half over when we leave in September.

Elder Malan, Elder Cloward and Angeles

Sunday, July 14, 2013


On Monday we traveled to Gran Canaria with 10 Elders from Tenerife to attend Zone Conference.  This time we took our car on the ferry, which turned out to be very reasonable, about $20.  The ferry is quite large and holds many cars and even transport trucks.  It is super easy to drive up the ramp and park your car and then sleep or eat or whatever you want to do for the next 21/2 -3 hours.

The Elders returned home on Tuesday evening but we stayed at the old mission home with the Buhlers for a couple of days.  The house is way up in the hills from Las Palmas and it is always very cool at that altitude, even a little chilly at times.  On Wednesday morning we got up to walk and it was hot outside.  There was a white mist in the air and we knew these clues say "Calima."  This is our second big Calima since being here, but we hear they can be worse.  The Sarah Desert, which is about 100 miles away, blows hot sand to the Canaries.  They usually last about a week.

We planned to visit the Guanche caves, which are not far from Las Palmas.  Hot day or no we went.  The Guanches were the indigenous tribe that inhabited the islands from about 400 BC.  They were white and lived in natural caves formed in the mountains by volcanic tunnels.  There is a very nice museum at the bottom of the canyon where you can see many interesting dioramas of their living conditions.

There is a path around the Mt. with the cave houses connected to the trail.  There are a dozen or so people that live here now.  There are a couple of restaurants and a gift shop.  On this hot Calima day the interiors were pleasant and cool.  There are springs in these hills that provide the water source now and in ancient times.

This is one of the old caves uninhabited now.

This is a restaurant, which has been hollowed out in modern times to make it bigger. 

This is a life size statue in front of a restaurant of a Guanche man.

This is a statue of the Guanche woman.

This is taken from the path of the caves across the baronco.  You can see the rock terraced planting areas.  The hills here are covered with the old rock terraced gardens.  Actually, both Tenerife and Gran Canaria have so many of these terraced areas on very steep hills that it amazes us, especially since nothing grows in them now.

One of the caves with a gift shop.  It has 3 small rooms. 
This is a look at the canyon with the large volcanic hills.  If you look carefully you can see caves all along the canyon walls.

If it hadn't been so hot that day we would have liked to hike around some of the paths like here to see the old caves but we are wimps in our old age.

On our way back we stopped in the little village of Aguimes.  It had the most charming plaza I have ever seen in Spain with many life size bronze statues and lots of trees that made the plaza amazingly cool on this hot day.

Very fun piece on a wall close to the plaza.
Many cities in Spain have tile murals.  This one is very nice on the Aguimes plaza.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


On Monday evening, after a day of fun, we had a testimony meeting and then sang together "Abide With Me Tis Eventide"  in Spanish, before parting.  The harmonizing of those wonderful Sisters and Elders  was exquisite.  I am not sure if I have ever heard anything so sweet.  The spirit was strong.  I felt the power of God in these young people committed to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The next day during our training a group sang a special number and I recorded it.  I don't remember the names of the missionaries except our Elder Malan.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


With the influx of missionaries coming from the new age guidelines we are starting to see an increase in our ranks.  We had 6 missionaries in our district when we came and now we have 10.  In the next couple of weeks we will get our first sisters on Tenerife.  We know because we found their apartment in Los Cristianos.  I don't think I can feed any more than that on a weekly basis so I hope they split our District if we get more.  On Monday all the Tenerife Elders caught the ferry bright and early in the morning. (we had to get up at 4:30 and drive an hour to the ferry.  This time we took our car on the ferry.)  This is always a lot of fun for the Elders and Sisters because we all stay in the old Mission Home and on Monday afternoon have a lot of fun playing soccer, volleyball, ping pong, basketball and eating until we are almost sick.  Then on Tuesday we have a day of training.  The YSA missionaries, the Buhlers, who live in the house are fantastic hosts. 

Our Zone with President and Sister Jackson and the AP's

Our district with the two Elders from Lanzarote and the AP's on the front Left
Elder Cloward and Elder Malan serving in Los Cristanios with us

Elder McKeighan and Elder Faucett

  Elder Willoughby and Elder Luie

Elder Bassett and Elder Cook

Elder Pugh and Elder Eskelson

Monday, July 1, 2013

MOJO - the recipe

I made a recipe for Moho from the Relief Society event in the post below.  Find it here on my other blog.