Mike and Charmaine Anderson

Mike and Charmaine Anderson

Monday, September 30, 2013


Our JAS group painted "prayer rocks" on Friday night.  This is the third time we have painted rocks.  It is always a big hit.  We all have a little artist in us  We brought a box of rocks from the beach in the South so we could paint with this group.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Hermana Money's father offered to send me anything that my heart desired, so I ordered Chocolate Chips, which are non-existent on this island.  This week I received my CC plus a large bag of yeast, also difficult to find here.  Thank you, thank you dear people.  The missionaries and the members that I cook for will enjoy your generous gift. 


This is the entire Zone on the stairs of the Old Mission Home

This picture was posted on facebook, taken at the end of the conference.  You can see Sister Nydegger, me, Mike and Sister Money's face in front of Mike and Sister Judy standing down the row with the long hair.  The hall was pretty much full.

President Jackson asked the Island missionaries to come up and sing "Armies of Helaman"  during his talk.  Valerie Mendoza from Los Cristianos took this photo of our Hermanas.

Sister Nydegger and Phillips from Los Cristianos spent Monday (p-day) with us.  We went to lunch, played cards and they spent 2 hours in the streets that evening with sister Judy and Money.  They split up and traded partners a few times.  They had a goal to get 30 phone numbers and they achieved their goal.  They returned home with more excitement than I have ever seen on missionaries, with lots of stories about the events and contacts of the night.

Last Sunday all the Tenerife missionaries and many of the members here took the ferry to Gran Canaria to attend the conference that made all of the Canary Islands a Stake.  The sisters from Los Cristianos rode the bus up and stayed over with us for a few days.  We got up bright and early and caught the ferry for the 3 hour ride.  We were picked up by the Buhlers from the Old Mission Home and taken to the rented conference center for the historic meeting.  Then the Buhlers invited us all to lunch at the OM Home.  I carried 2 cakes, waiting to be frosted, to help her out.  We had a great lunch and a nice visit with all of the missionaries and some other invited guests who served here previously when it was its own mission.  Then we were taken back to the ferry, just at sunset, and had a 3 hour ride back.  The missionaries sat outside on the deck and visited and we crashed in a seat.  It was a wonderful day.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We had our first Family Home Evening in Santa Cruz on Saturday evening.  We were pleased that 12 of us were there at least part of the time (including the Hermanas and 2 investigators).  One came late and one left early but we were pleased with the evening, since the week before, when we sat in, only 3 young adults attended.  We have a 4 F'S  philosophy for FHE,  Food, Fun, Friends, Faith and Service.  If you can do a good job on the food, fun and friends part the faith will follow and they will be willing to do service. We had taco soup and made The Best Chocolate Cake  They were impressed.  No one bakes much here and this is a fantastic cake, especially with the Valor Cocoa.  I plan on bringing a suitcase full of it home.  I always hand out American measuring cups when I do cooking classes.
Tatiana is the newly called Branch Rep. with her boyfriend and Alejandro on the right is our JAS president and has a mission call to Mexico, leaving in December.

Eating Taco Soup
Kimberely was a JAS from Los Cristianos who recently moved with her mother to La Laguna so they would be close to the University, where she is attending.  She is showing her CTR ring (HLJ in Spanish)  Mike brought a bunch of rings from home and they all seem proud to have them.  
Making frosting for the cake.