Mike and Charmaine Anderson

Mike and Charmaine Anderson

Sunday, March 2, 2014


On Thursday afternoon all 16 of the Tenerife missionaries took the ferry to Gran Canaria for a yearly Mission Tour.  We usually take the Armas ferry, which takes 3 hours, but the boat  is large and doesn't rock much.  We have taken it in the past and it can actually be quite fun.  You can sit on the deck and enjoy a nice little cruise.  Well this time we took the Fred Olsen ferry, which takes 80 minutes.  The boat is smaller and narrower but oh me, we were all sick by the time we got there.   For some of us it was all we could do to keep from losing it all and on the trip home I did lose it.

The Hermanas waiting to board the boat.

The group shuffling their stuff and finding their tickets and ID

Some of the Hermanas, ready for a nice relaxing trip, which wasn't to be.

The Elders, recovering from the ferry ride.

The Hermanas with sister Buhler

Hermana Burgos and Hermana Money getting warm.  The old mission home is quite high up on a hill and it is very cold this time of year.

 This is the group practicing to sing Army of Helaman in Spanish.  Soon I will post a video of the song. 

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  1. Thank you so much for these pictures! From the sound of things, this was a pretty miserable boat ride for a lot of people. Hermana Bennett had no idea she would have any kind of sea-sickness!

    Thanks for helping to keep us missionary moms up to date :)

    Tori Bennett