Mike and Charmaine Anderson

Mike and Charmaine Anderson

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Last photo with President and Sister Jackson

We are home and the mission is finished.    I may post our homecoming talks when they are complete.  We have a couple of weeks to work on them and we are grateful for that time to review our experiences.  It is hard to know how to feel right now other than tired.

This is our favorite scene on the Island, La Laguna valley with Teide in the background.

Faces of all the missionaries and JAS on my last prayer rock

Our special friend Efrain


  1. Sister Anderson,
    I've enjoyed your posts and pictures over the few months since my son, Elder Greg Bird, was assigned to Tenerife. I just chastised him a few weeks ago for not getting into more photos (or just turning in the right direction). I told him to photo bomb (not his personality), and now you're home. Thanks so much for your service and for helping out the missionaries--and especially for the pictures.

    Incidentally, After seeing your post about arapas and looking at the recipe, I learned I've been making them wrong for many years. I was using masa mix, not masarapa. (My husband served his mission in Venezuela). I'll have to look for the other mix and try making them right now.
    Rebecca Bird

    1. Sister Bird, I wish I had known you were reading earlier because one of my motivations for the blog has been missionary families. If I knew they were reading I tried to get them in more photos. We enjoyed working with Elder Bird. We love all those amazing missionaries and have so much respect for the hard work they do. We will miss them greatly. Bless you for raising such a great son. I hope you find the PAN flour. I didn't see it at our Walmart. I know some Mexican markets are reported to have it.