Mike and Charmaine Anderson

Mike and Charmaine Anderson

Sunday, March 9, 2014


This Saturday we had 2 more JAS Baptisms, which puts our total to 7 since we arrived in late August.  We hope to have one or two more before we leave.

Romina is one of our Awesome JAS girls who returned from her mission 3 or 4 months ago and started dating an old friend and John was baptized yesterday.

Elder Bohne and Elder Larkin baptized John, who has been attending our activities with Romina.

This is the first baptism for Hermana King and Hermana Heims.  Lady is a JAS and she is anxious to begin attending our activities.

On Friday night Romina did a class on "Cultivating Seeds of Faith"  and the group decorated jars for planting the object lesson seeds.  It is amazing how much fun they had doing a 3rd grade project.  Also Adriana, who is from Venezuela where they make Arepas, demonstrated how to make them and we ate them with pulled chicken and all the fixings.  It was a good night.  We had 2 investigators. 

Adriana and her cousin Legna made about 40 Arepas for the group.  They are made with a fine corn meal mixed with a little oil, salt and water and formed into about 5 inch patties and baked on a griddle.  Then you split them and fill them with meat and cheese or whatever.  There are many restaurants on the island which serve them and you can also buy them from street vendors.   Here is my recipe:  Arepas  

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